A Large Single Topping Pizza for $7.99 or Large Specialty Pizza for $11.99
Medium Specialty Pizza, 10 wings, and a regular size breadsticks for $19.99
2 Large
2 Topping Pizza
2-Liter of Pepsi
Medium Specialty Pizza &
Medium 1-Topping Pizza
Upgrade those to larges for $3 more!
Original Calizone for $9.99 or Specialty Calizone for $10.99.

7 Calizones to choose from
Large 2-Topping Pizza & 10 Wings for $15.99 or upgrade to 20 wings for $21.99.
Large 2-Topping Pizza and an Original Calizone for $16.99

Upgrade to a Specialty Calizone for $17.99.
Large Specialty, Medium 1-Topping, and a Regular Sized Breadstick for $22.99
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